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  Selected books on Irish English

English as we Speak it in Ireland The Secrets Languages of Ireland
The English Language in Ireland An Anglo Irish Dialect of North Roscommon
The English Daielct of Donegal The English Dialects of Ulster
Languages in Contact Spoken English in Ireland
Regional Accents: Belfast Papers on Irish English
Language and Social Networks Perspectives on the English Language in Ireland
The English of the Irish Focus on Ireland
Anglo-Irish Poems of the Middle Ages The Grammar of Irish English
Ulster-Scots, Traditional Language Celtic Englishes III
Celtic Englishes IV A Source Book of Irish English
Sound Atlas of Irish English Dublin English
Irish English, History and present-day Forms Irish English - Northern Ireland
The Pragmatics of Irish English Concise Ulster Dictionary
The Celtic Roots of English Languages in Prehistoric Europe
Dictionary of Anglo-Irish Poole’s Glossary of Forth & Bargy
Dictionary of Hiberno-English Slanguage, a Dictionary of Irish Slang
Irish English as Represented in Film Irish English, Vol. 1: Northern Ireland
Introduction to Irish English English Today (Special Issue)
New Perspectives on Irish English Irish English, Vol. 2: Republic of Ireland
Pragmatic Markers in Irish English Sociolinguistics in Ireland