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Site map for Irish English Resource Centre

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Introduction — general information on Irish English

  1. Preface
  2. Terminology
  3. Dialect divisions
  4. Historical divisions
  5. History table
  6. Misconceptions
  7. Relevance to other areas
  8. Technical tips
  9. About the author

Levels — pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary

  1. Overview
  2. Phonology
  3. Morphology
  4. Syntax
  5. Vocabulary

Urban — information on varieties of Irish English in cities

  1. Belfast English
  2. Derry English
  3. Dublin English
  4. Dublin English book

Ulster — Varieties of English spoken in Ulster

  1. English in Ulster
  2. Ulster Scots
  3. Resources for language and culture in Ulster

Surveys and data — collections of data on Irish English

  1. Irish English - monograph
  2. A Sound Atlas of Irish English
  3. Excerpts from Sound Atlas
  4. A Survey of Irish English Usage
  5. Tape Recorded Survey - Digital
  6. Taping Ireland
  7. A Corpus of Irish English
  8. Corpus Presenter
  9. Corpora and data sources

Transportation — the spread of Irish English during the colonial period

  1. Transportation abroad
  2. Legacies of Colonial English

Wider context — Irish English in relation to Irish and Celtic

  1. Irish history
  2. History of Irish
  3. Celtc-English contact, 1
  4. Celtc-English contact, 2
  5. Present-day Irish
  6. Sample sound files - Irish
  7. References
  8. Glossary for Irish

Search — Search the website for contents

  1. Goto list of themes
  2. Search this website for text

Links / Sources — Websites and sources for varieties of English

  1. General Irish links
  2. Other websites by the author

Research — Studies of Irish English

  1. Research background
  2. Recent trends in research
  3. Ireland as a linguistic area
  4. Journals of interest
  5. Biographical notes

References — Literature on Irish and other Celtic languages

  1. References
  2. Selected books
  3. Source Book for Irish English
  4. Source Book – update

Maps — Historical and contemporary maps of Ireland

  1. Maps of Ireland
  2. Maps of Dublin
  3. Maps of Ulster
  4. Early maps of Ireland
  5. Dialect areas in Ireland