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Irish English Resource Centre

This website is intended to make material on the historical and regional diversity of Irish English, in the north and south of the country, and information on the sociolinguistics of present-day varieties, available to the interested public. It addresses both students and scholars who for whatever reason have an interest in Irish English or a temporary need for information on the subject. The tree on the left is divided into sections, each represented by branches whose contents can be summarised roughly as follows.

Introduction General information on Irish English with an outline of its history and present-day dialects.
Overview An outline of the external history and development as well as a survey of the main linguistic levels.
Ulster Information on the development and present-day distribution of varieties of English in the north of Ireland. It includes a section on Ulster Scots.
Urban varieties An overview of urban varieties of English in the two northern cities, Belfast and Derry, as well as Dublin, the capital of Ireland. This section should be of interest to those with sociolinguistic concerns.
Research This section attempts to draw a picture of the type of research which has been done on Irish English and which is currently in progress as well as point to the directions in which studies are likely to be continued.
Surveys Here summaries are offered of the author's own A Sound Atlas of Irish English and A Survey of Irish English Usage. A selection of recordings from the sound atlas is available for listening. In addition information is given on the digital version (prepared by the author) of A Tape Recorded Survey of Hiberno-English Speech.
Data collections Information on available corpora of Irish English is presented here and the addresses of relevant websites are given. Other related corpora are also mentioned.
Connections The historical connections between Ireland and various overseas locations are traced in this chapter. Links with Britain and North America as well as possible connections with the Southern Hemisphere are listed.
References Here bibliographical information is offered which can help users to pursue further matters of interest in the sphere of Irish English.
Irish history and language Information on the Irish language and its history is presented in this section. There is also a comprehensive discussion of early contact between Celtic and English. Bibliographical references and a glossary are included. There is also a subsection with information on present-day Irish with a selection of recordings from the author’s project Samples of Spoken Irish.

Any visitor to this site is welcome to use the material it contains. The only request I have is that appropriate acknowledgement is made, e.g. in a footnote to an article, book chapter or whatever. If you make use of this material for you own teaching purposes, I would appreciate your naming the source to your students.

Raymond Hickey
General Linguistics and Varieties of English
Department of Anglophone Studies
University of Duisburg and Essen

Janaury 2017

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