Performance of ships in seaways




Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bettar Ould el Moctar
Malte Riesner M. Eng.
Sebastian Sigmund M. Eng.

Project Description

The joint research project “PerSee“ dealt with the safety of ships in heavy seas and their optimisation under operating conditions. For this purpose, numerical and experimental methods were developed to determine the added resistance and required engine power of ships, see Figure 1.
Persee Figure1
Figure 1: Heave and pitch motions of a cruise ship in regular waves.

After integrating the developed numerical methods into an optimisation software, different types of ships were optimised. Besides the optimisation of the ship design, scenario techniques were considered to operate ships more efficiently. Regarding safety concerns, a ship’s behavior in heavy seas was investigated and the attainable ship speed in different weather conditions was calculated, see Figure 2. This is an important parameter for the design of ship structures and, as a consequence, influences ships’ mass.

Persee Figure2
Figure 2: Wake field of a cruise ship in regular waves..



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