PhD Theses

2020 Experimental and Numerical Investigations of Cavitation Control using Cavitating-bubble Generators

Dr.-Ing. Ebrahim Kadivar

2019 Assessment of Wave Induced Responses on Articulated Ships

Dr.-Ing. Mahdi Ghesmi

2019 Prediction of Sloshing Inside Partially Filled Tanks and its Effects on Ship Motions

Dr.-Ing. Wenjing Lyu

2019 Numerical Modelling and Prediction of Cavitation Erosion Using Euler-Euler and Multi-Scale Euler-Lagrange Methods

Dr.-Ing. Andreas Peters

2018 Performance of Ships in Waves

Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Sigmund

2018 Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Laser-Induced Cavitation Bubbles and Induced Damage

Dr.-Ing. Hemant Sagar

2017 Study of the Vortex-Induced Vibrations in Offshore Structures

Dr.-Ing. Mohammed Abdulaziz

2017 On Simulation-based Ship Maneuvering Prediction in Deep and Shallow Water

Dr.-Ing. Philipp Mucha

2016 Assessment, evaluation and visualisation of the trafficability of inland waterways

Dr.-Ing. Dennis Harlacher

2016 Ship Roll Damping Analysis

Dr.-Ing. Henry Piehl

2016 On Prediction of Wave-Induced Loads and Vibration of Ship Structures with Finite Volume Fluid Dynamic Methods

Dr.-Ing. Jan Oberhagemann

2015 Conception and Validation of a Sloshing Test Facility Including Optical Flow Measurement and Development of a Decision Support System Approach for Sloshing Impact Loads

Dr.-Ing. Jens Neugebauer

2014 A Rankine Source Method for Ship-Ship Interaction and Shallow Water Problems

Dr.-Ing. Alexander von Graefe

2014 Numerical Simulation of Vortex-Sheded Cavitating Flows

Dr.-Ing. Thomas Hachmann

2013 Occurrence and Propagation of Ship Waves in Inland and Coastal Waters

Dr.-Ing. Rupert Henn

2010 Numerical Investigation of Scale Effects on Ship Propellers

Dr.-Ing. Sven-Brian Müller

2010 Development of a Procedure to Optimize Multi-Organ Ship Propulsives for High-Speed Crafts

Dr.-Ing. Max Steden

2008 Simulation of Unsteady Submarine Motions with Dynamic Computation Grids

Dr.-Ing. Thorsten Skrzypczak

2006 Numerical Simulation of Ship Flow Taking into Account Propeller Suction

Dr.-Ing. Norbert Stuntz

2000 Ship waves in Shallow Water

Dr.-Ing. habil Tao Jiang

1999 The Collapse Behaviour of Modern Inland Water Freighters under Consideration of Structural Imperfections

Dr.-Ing. Andreas Meinken

1999 Numerical Simulation of Viscid Flows with Free Surface around Ships

Dr.-Ing. Fabiano Bet

1999 Dynamic Loads on Larger Motor Vessels during Rough Cargo Operation

Dr.-Ing. Arndt Gerhard Kohlhaupt

1998 Numerical Calculation of Aerosol Flow with Anisotropic Grid Adaption

Dr.-Ing. Cornelius Thill

1997 Computational Simulation of Ship Motion during Maneuvering under Special Consideration of Dependency on Water Depth

Dr.-Ing. Andreas Gronarz