PROJECTS Dipl.-Ing. Klemens Hitzbleck

Introduction of a diesel-electric system configurator (DESC) for the development of diesel-electric driven ships : DESC

Diesel-electric propulsion systems can be found in numerous kinds of ships like cruisers, shuttle tankers, gas tankers and offshore supply vessels. The advantages are reflected in all elements of the propulsion process: fuel conversion, power transmission as well as propulsion.

In the frame of this project, the main components of the ship’s electric system are represented in a single-line diagram which contains the generator sets as well as the main fuel consumers like propulsors, large individual consumers and sub-distributions, indicating the most important electrical parameters. Converters and starters, the topology of the switches are addressed as well.

The co-operation between MAN Diesel & Turbo and the chairs “Ship Technology” and “Electrical Power Systems” of the University of Duisburg-Essen resulted in the software tool DESC for the automatic configuration of diesel-electric systems, which will improve the design process.