Dipl.-Ing. Benjamin Friedhoff, Dipl.-Ing. oec. Jan Peckolt Electric power production from Offshore-Waves - study on the state of the art and experimental basic research

The targeted expansion of the use of renewable energies calls for a diversified portfolio of different energy sources. The energy of ocean surface waves is particularly interesting because of its high energy density. Waves transport the energy of winds out of the global circulation with little loss over very long distances. Due to the high accuracy of forecasting, ocean waves can contribute to a steady energy supply in the future. To use this potential a large number of technologies has been developed over the past decades of which none has yet been able to prevail on the market economically.

In co-operation with Corporate Technology of Siemens AG, a study was carried out on the physical and technical basics of wave energy conversion. In addition, basic hydrodynamic research was undertaken on an experimental basis. This included wave tank investigations on the behavior of floating bodies and a comparison of different principles. Experiments were conducted in the facilities of the Development Centre for Ship Technology and Transport Systems (DST).