Hydrodynamische Untersuchung einer Wasser-Aufnahmeeinheit für Feuerlösch-Flugzeuge



Beteiligte Wissenschaftler

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bettar Ould el Moctar
Dr.-Ing. Udo Lantermann
Hemant Sagar M. Sc.


SCOopingDEVice (SCODEV) is a project funded by the European Union (Horizon 2020 Fast Track to Innovation 2015). In the course of this project, a scooping device is to be designed, developed, installed and demonstrated on an aircraft to fight forest fires. The goal is to significantly reduce the time between consecutive water drops and provide operational flexibility.

The scooping device is an add-on system allowing the water tanks of an aerial firefighter to be filled during flight. The system consists of a boom- or hose-like connection between a scooper and the aircraft, see Figure 1.

As part of the University of Duisburg-Essen’s work the hydrodynamic design of the scooping device is supported. The institute advises the client in terms of the hydrodynamically appropriate shape of the scooper, the acting loads, the achievable flow rate as well as the motion of the device during the complete water scooping process. For this purpose numerical simulations of the viscous flow are carried out and the results are analysed. The findings of the investigations performed serve as a basis for the design phases to follow. The operational requirements will correspond to those of conventional water scoopers. If these requirements turn out to be too restrictive, compromises will be made to ensure feasibility. The analysis will be based on an aircraft to be selected by the SCODEV management which is the intended future platform for the scooping device.

Figure1: Sketch of the system (left) and design of a scooping device (right)