Philipp Mucha



Ph.D. in Hydrodynamics:
On Simulation-based Ship Maneuvering Prediction in Deep and Shallow Water

04/2011 – 09/2012

Ship Technology and Ocean Engineering, University of Duisburg-Essen (M.Sc.)
Thesis: Ship-Bank Interactions and Related Control Problems


Visiting student at the Laboratory for Ship and Platform Flows, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge/MA
Veith-Berghoff Scholarship

10/2007 – 02/2011

Mechanical Engineering, University of Duisburg-Essen (B.Sc.)
Thesis: Investigation of Stability Regulations for Offshore Construction Vessels Regarding the Influence of Wind and Operational Safety


10/2016 -

Post-Doctoral Associate at ISMT and BAW (

10/2012 - 09/2016

Research Assistant at ISMT and BAW

2007 - 2016

Short-term internships at Meyer Werft, Blohm+Voss, DNV GL (Hamburg and Høvik office)


Computational Lab: Seakeeping and Hydrodynamic Loads on Ships and Offshore Structures (WS 2012-2017)

Research Interests

Ship hydrodynamics in restricted waters
Mathematical modeling and simulation of ship and floating platform motions
Computational Fluid Dynamics


Mucha, P., el Moctar, O.: Revisiting mathematical models for maneuvering prediction based on modified Taylor-series expansions, Ship Technology Research: Schiffstechnik, 62(2):81-96, 2015

Mucha, P., el Moctar, O., Böttner, U.: PreSquat – Workshop on Numerical Prediction of Ship Squat in Restricted Waters, Technical Note, Ship Technology Research - Schiffstechnik, 61(3), 2014


Mucha, P., Deng, G., Gourlay, T., el Moctar, O.: Validation Studies on Numerical Prediction of Ship Squat and Resistance in Shallow Water, Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Ship Manoeuvring in Shallow and Confined Water with Special Focus on Ship Bottom Interaction, Hamburg (GER), 2016

Gourlay, T., Ha, J.H., Mucha, P., Uliczka, K., Sinkage and Trim of Modern Container Ships in Shallow Water, Proceedings of the Australasian Coasts and Ports Conference, Auckland, NZ, 2015

El Moctar, O., Lantermann, U., Mucha, P., Höpken, J., Schellin, T.E.: RANS-Based Simulated Ship Maneuvering Accounting for Hull-Propulsor-Engine Interaction, Proceedings of the 30th ONR Symposium of Naval Hydrodynamics, Hobart, Australia, 2014

Mucha, P., el Moctar, O.: Numerical Prediction of Resistance and Squat for a Containership in Shallow Water, Proceedings of the 17th Numerical Towing Tank Symposium, Marstrand (SWE), 2014

Mucha, P., el Moctar, O.: Identification of Hydrodynamic Derivatives for Ship Maneuvering Prediction in Restricted Waters, Proceedings of the 16th Numerical Towing Tank Symposium, Mühlheim (GER), 2013

Mucha, P., el Moctar, O.: Ship-Bank Interactions of a Large Tanker and Related Control Problems, Proceedings of the 32nd International Conference on Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering OMAE 2013, Paper No. 11099, Nantes (FR), 2013

Mucha, P.: Numerical analysis of propeller loads for a drifting container vessel using RANSE, Proceedings of the 14th Numerical Towing Tank Symposium, Poole (UK), 2011

Mucha, P. and Fleischhauer, A.: Intaktstabilitätskriterien für Offshore-Errichterschiffe, Schiff und Hafen, 9:108-111, 2011


Technical Presentations

Mucha, P.: Ship Motions in Restricted Waters: Prediction of Squat and Ship Maneuvering on German Waterways,
Technical Presentation, Fremantle Maritime Simulation Centre, Perth, Australia, 2014

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