Vorträge im AG Seminar: "Magnetische Nanostrukturen"
Termin: Mittwochs, 10:00 s.t.-11:30 Uhr, MD349
Ansprechpartner: Prof. Dr. M. Farle, Dr. M. Spasova
AG Seminar Wintersemester 2019/2020

Michael Farle


23.10.2019 Teresa Weßels Towards magnetic imaging of vortex core dynamics induced by microwave excitation in the TEM
30.10.2019 Merivan Sasmaz NiCoMnIn Heusler Alloys: Shell-ferromagnetism and the effect of decomposition on MCE
06.11.2019 Michael Vennemann Sicherheitsbelehrung
13.11.2019 Benjamin Zingsem Spatially resolved FMR using TEM
20.11.2019 Nicolas Josten Unidirectional Anisotropy in FeGe
27.11.2019 Babli Baghat Comparative studies of un-capped Fe films on 001 and 110 GaAs by in-situ FMR
04.12.2019 Thomas Feggeler STXM-FMR summary
11.12.2019 Sarah Thieme Lithographic preparation and spectroscopic characterization of microresonators on membranes
18.12.2019 Tanja Strusch Magnetization dynamics of FeAl-based nanostructures
08.01.2020 Marc Stevens Preparation and characterization of MAX phases
15.01.2020 Ralf Meckenstock How to measure EPR?
22.01.2020 Iuliia Novoselova Magnetism of the nanolaminated Mn2GaC and (Cr0.5Mn0.5)2GaC MAX phase films
29.01.2020 Inci Nur Sahin
Zitao Wang
Synthesis of high entropy alloy CoCrFeMnNi nanoparticles by gas-phase condensation method
Correlation of structure and magnetism in Fe50Mn30Co10Cr10 high entropy alloy
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