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EIT-Workshop {AKS}

In this workshop students will learn how to realize the automatization of a LEGO Mindstorms robot. This robot should follow a predefined path (line) and move around obstacles. The robot is supported by a Raspberry PI camera system mounted above the test environment. The following questions will be answered:

  • How can a robot with a color sensor follow a line on the ground?
  • How can a robot with an ultrasonic sensor detect obstacles and move around them?
  • How can a camera evaluate the image information?
  • How can a camera improve the bypassing of obstacles?
  • How can a robot and a camera system communicate via WLAN and use each other's information for their tasks?

Each group works on either the robot or the camera system. The tests of the complete system are performed with a reference system of the part not being processed. The MATLAB/ SIMULINK software tool, typical of automation technology, is used for the implementation.

Some transport systems in warehouses have a very similar structure. The camera system can consist of several surveillance cameras and a robot designed for transport is used. Obstacles are e.g. not yet placed warehouse goods

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Dr.-Ing. C. Louen