Contents - Fault Diagnosis and Fault Tolerance in Technical Systems

Fault Diagnosis and Fault Tolerance in Technical Systems

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Due to the current situation, the course will take place as e-learning on the Moodle platform. Each week a live web conference in Zoom is offered to the lectures and exercises at the times scheduled for in class (lecture: Wednesday from 8:00-9:30, exercise: Wednesday from 9:45-10:30).


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  Responsible Person:  Prof. Ding (Lecture), J. Zhang (Exercise)


(2. FS, WP) 15 M.Sc.; (2. FS, PV) 15 M.Sc.; (2. FS, PV) EIT MA AT;
(WP) M-EIT(AT)-19
This lecture takes place each summer semester.

A most critical and important issue surrounding the design of automatic control systems with the successively increasing complexity is guaranteeing a high system performance and meeting the requirements on system reliability and dependability. As one of the key technologies for the problem solutions, advanced fault diagnosis technology and fault tolerant systems are receiving considerable attention. The objective of this course is to introduce basic model based FDI and fault tolerant schemes, advanced analysis and design algorithms and the needed mathematical and control theory tools.

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