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Information on teaching in the WiSe 2020/21


Due to the current situation, the course will take place as e-learning on the Moodle platform. There are videos of the lectures and exercises, which are offered as a stream for one week each, one after the other. On every Wednesday of the week from 15-17 o'clock a web conference is offered. The first part of the web conference is about the lecture (about 60 minutes). Here the most important aspects of the videos of the last week are summarizes, answers questions about the content of the videos and briefly presents the content of the videos of the next week. In order to make the meeting effective for everyone, the questions must be submitted in written form (e.g. by e-mail) before the web conference. In the second part a live exercise will be offered (approx. 45 minutes).


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  Responsible Person: Prof. Ding (Vorlesung), J. Zhang (Übung)

Due to its importance in practice, robust control technique is one of the research and development fields in control engineering, which continuously received the most attention during the last two decades. The focus of this course is the introduction to the essentials of the robust control theory, the computational tools and some design methods.

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