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Information on teaching in the SoSe 2021


Due to the current situation, the course will take place as e-learning on the Moodle platform. There are videos of the lectures and exercises, which are offered as a stream for one week each, one after the other. On every Friday of the week from 11:00-11:45 o'clock a web conference live exercise is offered. After a 15-minute break (12-13 h), a web conference about the lecture will be offered. Here the most important aspects of the videos of the last week will be summarized, answered questions about the content of the videos and the content of the videos of the next week briefly presented. In order to make the meeting efficient for everyone, the questions must be submitted in written form (e.g. by e-mail) before the web conference.


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Alternative registration method: You can register for the course via the LSF-system. If you register for the course via LSF, the supervisor will regularly enrol you.

  Responsible Person:  Prof. Ding (Vorlesung), Dr.-Ing. Louen (Übung)


(2. FS, PV) 15 M.Sc.; (2. FS, PV) EIT MA AT; (WP) M-EIT(AT)-19;
(WP) M-EIT(EET)-19; (1. FS, WP) WIng M.Sc. IT

This course is dedicated to the so-called modern control theory, which has been developed based on the state space description of dynamic systems and is receiving more and more attention in practice.

In this course, the state space description of dynamic systems is first introduced. It is followed by the study on system structural properties like controllability and observability. Moreover, different methods of designing state feedback controllers, observer based state feedback controllers are presented. The final part of this course is devoted to the design of state observers and unknown input observer.

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