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Qiming Zhang

Winner of Humboldt-Research-Award at Institute of Materials ScienceProper cooling for the climate

  • von Dr. Alexandra Nießen
  • 06.09.2019

Cooled food and drugs are very important for many humans. Simultaneously, keeping them cold harms the environment. Prof. Qiming Zhang explores how optimal chilling reduces the climate change. The winner of the Humboldt-Research-Award is guest of Prof. Doru C. Lupascu.


Creepy personalized recommendations onlineHow does it know?!

  • von Birte Vierjahn
  • 19.08.2019

It is exactly the movie you were looking for ¬ but before you have typed it in, it already appears on the screen. If our computer knows us better than we do, we don't really like that. Scientists from the UDE have investigated why and when this happens.


1.65 million euro go to biochemistCells under stress

  • von Dr. Alexandra Nießen
  • 16.08.2019

Dr. Doris Hellerschmied has received the Sofja Kovalevskaja-Award to be worth 1.65 million euros. She will establish an independent research group at the UDE to examine how cells react to molecular forms of stress.


Video of a phenomenonStanding waves that won’t stand still

  • von Birte Vierjahn
  • 12.08.2019

Everything is known about it – they thought. There is nothing surprising any more – they thought. But then physicists from the UDE discovered a new kind of standing waves that just won't stand still.


Dynamics in quantum dotsSmallest measurable processes recorded individually

  • von Birte Vierjahn
  • 29.07.2019

Physicists at UDE have succeeded in seeing individual electrons jump into a quantum dot. With this great success in basic research, they have read out the maximum information from a system.


Self-organizing moleculesNanorings with two sides

  • von Birte Vierjahn
  • 22.07.2019

The tiny rings that chemists at the UDE create in the laboratory are as small as a bacterium. Self-organized, individual polymer chains form the flexible structures. They can even squeeze themselves through cell membranes and deliver active substances precisely.


Patent pending for processProduction of catalyst in one single step

  • von Birte Vierjahn
  • 15.07.2019

Nanometer-thin carbon walls with embedded platinum particles, manufactured in just one step: This is what a good catalyst material looks like! UDE's physicists Dr. Nicolas Wöhrl and Sebastian Tigges have registered a patent for their manufacturing method.


Study finds potential long-term toxicity Major HIV drug calls for vigilance

  • von Milena Hänisch
  • 21.06.2019

A study lead by researchers at the Institute of HIV Research, Medical Faculty of UDE and University Hospital Essen, stumbled over a potential toxicity of integrase inhibitors.


CatalysisHigh reaction rates even without precious metals

  • 19.06.2019

Precious metals are often efficient catalysts. But they are expensive and rare. However, it has so far been difficult to determine how efficient non-precious metal alternatives are.


Humboldt Research Award Winner at the NETZParticles out of the flame

  • von Birte Vierjahn
  • 20.05.2019

Excellence achieved, great things expected to come: this is how the conditions for the Humboldt Research Award can be summarised. Award winner Prof. Hai Wang from Stanford is now spending six months researching with colleagues at NETZ.