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Researchers pave the way for graphene-based nanoelectronics

Clock rates in the terahertz range

10.09.2018 |Forschung|Press release|Presseinfo

Scientists have shown for the first time that graphene can actually convert electronic signals with frequencies in the gigahertz range extremely efficiently into signals with several times higher frequency.

DFG Award for UA Ruhr Project

Recruiting Top Researchers with EXMAC

von Beate Kostka / 11.12.2017 |International|UA Ruhr|Press release|Presseinfo

The German Research Foundation awarded a 100,000 euros grant to the concept “EXPLORE Materials Chain (EXMAC)” at University Alliance Ruhr (UA Ruhr) in the “International Research Marketing” ideas competition. The researchers are thus able to turn their ideas into realities.

Program for Educational Upward Mobility Receives European Award

von Beate Kostka / 16.11.2017 |International|Press release|Presseinfo

The concept behind "Chance hoch 2," the UDE program for educational upward mobility, has now achieved recognition Europe-wide as well as nationally. The program is the recipient of the Diversity Award conferred by Aurora, an international network of nine european universitie…

Professor Kaeding leads EU project

Strengthening Central Asia relations

von Ulrike Bohnsack / 23.10.2017 |Forschung|Press release|Presseinfo

While they are situated thousands of kilometres apart and characterised by different political values, Central Asia and the European Union have become important partners. In the Horizon 2020-project “SEnECA" researchers and think tanks will analyse thier relationship.

A fossil sheds light on the origin of the neocortex

A skull with history

von Cathrin Becker / 26.06.2017 |Forschung|Press release|Presseinfo

According to a recent study an early relative of mammals already possessed an extraordinarily expanded brain with a neocortex-like structure. This has been discovered by Michael Laaß from the Institute of General Zoology at the UDE.

Report in Nature: observing live phase transition

Watching the atoms race

von Birte Vierjahn / 30.03.2017 |Forschung|Press release|Presseinfo

By comparison, a blink lasts a lifetime – atoms can rearrange themselves within one 350 quadrillionths of a second. As reported in the latest issue of the prestigious journal Nature, CENIDE at the UDE, together with colleagues from the Uni of Paderborn, have been able to o…

University Alliance (UA) Ruhr signs new agreement

Ten years of partnership

29.03.2017 |UA Ruhr|Campus|Press release|Presseinfo

After ten years of successful cooperation, the three large universities in the Ruhr Area have resealed their partnership: the RUB, TUD and the UDE have renewed their Framework Cooperation Agreement in order to reinforce their collaboration in the UA Ruhr.