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T. Quast, RUB

Robotic Arm Helps with AnalysisCatalytic Activity of Individual Particles

  • 15.12.2020

The particles are a hundred times smaller than a human hair in diameter, but the robotic arm grabs them individually to analyze their catalytic activity. Chemists at UDE and RUB have developed this new method.

F. Muckel et. al., Nat Commun 11, 4127 (2020)

Research on SemiconductorsLight Weakens Magic Nano Clusters

  • von Birte Vierjahn
  • 09.12.2020

They are tiny particles made of only a handful of atoms, but they are incredibly stable. However, they weaken when exposed to light – which is why UDE researchers want to develop these "magic sized nano clusters" into optical sensors.

Lars Enarsson/Jamtlis fotosamlingar

Assumption QuestionedEducation May not Protect Against Dementia

  • von Birte Vierjahn
  • 26.11.2020

A good school education reduces the risk of developing dementia. This has been the case so far. Health economist Prof. Martin Karlsson is now questioning this assumption. He and his team evaluated a reform in Sweden that prolonged schooling by one year.

RWE/Rolf Köppen

Project by RWE, duisport and UDELNG instead of diesel

  • 06.11.2020

In a joint project, RWE, duisport and UDE have investigated whether liquefied natural gas is suitable as an environmentally friendly alternative fuel. The results are very promising.

Hans Blossey

Automated decision support for port terminalsMore Certainty for Predictions

  • von Birgit Kremer
  • 03.11.2020

The Port of Duisburg handles over 4 million containers annually. With increasing digitalization, more and more data is being generated about the processes in the terminals. This data can be used for forecasts. A paluno team has developed a special prototype.

UDE/Andreas Reichert

Heisenberg-Fellows in Physics and MathematicsInvestigating dust

  • von Dr. Alexandra Nießen
  • 20.10.2020

Why is old dirt being researched? Is there nothing more important? Dr. Eric Parteli researches how it influences the weather and the water cycle in our country. The physicist was accepted into the Heisenberg Programme of the German Research Foundation (DFG).


New technology fixes smart contracts Researchers make hacker’s job harder

  • von Birgit Kremer
  • 16.10.2020

Again and again hackers try to exploit programming errors in the code, for example to steal crypto currency. paluno has developed and evaluated a technique that enables published smart contracts to be improved instantly.


2.3 Million € for Project by UDE and EvonikBetter Anode Material for Lithium Ion Batteries

  • von Birte Vierjahn
  • 15.10.2020

It has long been clear that the new anode material makes lithium-ion batteries significantly more powerful, and now UDE's scientists are collaborating with Evonik to make them ready for the market. The BMWi is funding the project with €2.3 million.


4 Million € for European Training NetworkImplementing Optical Chips

  • von Birte Vierjahn
  • 14.10.2020

TERAOPTICS is the first European Training Network coordinated by the UDE – with the European Space Agency ESA being one of the collaborators: The goal is to develop semiconductor chips that work with light instead of electrons.

Andrzejewski et al., Advanced Optical Materials 2020, 2000694, Wiley-VCH

Scalable Growth ProcessFlexible Light Emitting Elements in 2D

  • von Birte Vierjahn
  • 14.10.2020

The components are several square centimeters in size, but their essential layer is only three atomic layers thick. UDE's scientists have developed a process that allows flexible, long-term stable lighting elements in 2D to be produced on an industrial scale.