DVG Lehrstuhl für Angewandte Botanik und Vulkanbiologie DGG

The Deutsche Vulkanologische Gesellschaft (DVG) Mendig and the University of Duisburg-Essen announce the 5th. workshop on

Physics of Volcanoes 2019

It will take place from 27./28. February to 01./02. March 2019 at the Naturfreundehaus/Laacher See close to Mendig/Eifel Mountains.

We are looking forward to interesting presentations about magmatic and volcanic processes. The aim of this annual workshop series is to strengthen the links between researchers at German institutions by establishing a forum for the exchange of scientific results, technical developments and process understanding.

There will be four topical sessions:

  1. Eifel Volcanism
  2. Physics and chemistry of magmatic processes and melts
  3. Volcanic monitoring - seismicity, gases, biotic indicators and other techniques
  4. Volcano hazards and risk mitigation


Prof. Dr. H. Pfanz, Lehrstuhl für Vulkanbiologie und Angewandte Botanik, Universität Duisburg-Essen
E-Mail-Address: hardy.pfanz@uni-due.de

Organising committee

Scientific committee (UDE): H. Pfanz, A. Thomalla,

Local organisers (DVG): W. Kostka, W. Riedel, C. Kosch,

Excursion: Dr. Volker Reppke


  • Thursday morning:
    Physics and Chemistry of magmatic processes and melts
  • Thursday afternoon:
    Volcano hazard and risk mitigation
  • Friday morning:
  • Friday afternoon:
    Eifel (invited talks and discussion)

Schedule (PDF)

Book of abstracts (PDF)


Please indicate your interest in participating the Wednesdays` Icebreaker at 19.00. Also tell us whether you prefer "Gulaschsuppe for Carnivores/Omnivores" or something "green".

Physics of Volcanoes 2019 Information

The PoV annual workshop series provides a platform for volcanologists in Germany to strengthen our research network through the exchange of scientific results, newest developments and work-in-progress. To maximise exposure and interaction, there will be both plenary presentations of posters and talks.

For those interested in the Eifel Mountains, an excursion will be arranged at some costs on 02. March 2019. The excursion will be organised and guided by Dr. Volker Reppke

Registration and abstract submission is open from 01. Nov. 2018 at no cost until 1st of February, 2019!

  • Icebreaker: 27. February 2019 19:00
  • Start: 28. February 2019 9:00
  • End: 01. March 2019 19:00
  • Excursion: 02. March 2019


Naturfreundehaus Laacherseehaus
Laacher-See-Straße 17
D-56743 Mendig
Telefon: 02652 4777
Telefax: 02652 2282
E-Mail: info@laacherseehaus.de