Georg Drennig


Georg Drennig no longer works for the Department of Anglophone Studies. Please contact Beate Mrugalla (

Biographical Information:

Before becoming a staff member at the department and a PhD candidate in the University of Duisburg-Essen's ARUS program, Georg Drennig studied North American Studies at the University of Vienna, Austria, and Georgetown University, U.S. In his dissertation, he works on Environmental Imaginaries of Vancouver and the cultural production of space, trying to trace the development of Vancouver’s current self image as a “Green City.” 
His main academic interests are spatially-turned Cultural Studies, “stone-kicking-realist” Ecocriticism, and discourses of urbanity in culture and their intersection with material reality and urban planning.



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Introductory Seminar "A Survey of British Literature"

Literary Seminar "Canada and the Great War: Remembering World War One in Canadian Literature"

Cultural Studies Seminar "Destroying New York City: Apocalyptic Urbanity before September 11th"

Literary Seminar "What is Nature?"




•     “Wie hat graue Eule die Biber gerettet?” Canadian Studies lecture at “Kinderuni 2010,” University of Vienna.

•     “Wie schützt ein kanadisches Sandwich die Umwelt?” Canadian Studies lecture at “Kinderuni 2011,” University of Vienna

•     “Vancouver, das utopische Imaginäre, und ein Stoffsackerl.” Winning presentation at the 2nd Science Slam Vienna. Accessible at

•     “Vancouver’s ‘Greenest City Initiative’ and the Power of the Cultural Imaginary.” Winning presentation at the “Science Slam on Sustainable Cities” at the European Forum Alpbach Built Environment Symposium. Alpbach. (Aug. 30 2013)