Sebastian Matthias Wagner, Mitarbeiterportrait
Sebastian Wagner


Herr Wagner ist nicht mehr an der UDE tätig.

Für Studienbucheinträge oder ähnliche Angelegenheiten wenden Sie sich bitte an Frau Dr. Nuria Hernandez.

Curriculum Vitae

Sebastian Wagner studied English and History in Essen and Lancaster, UK. He completed his studies with a thesis entitled “’Linguistic Wounds’ - Language, identity and linguistic attitudes in 19th-century Wales”, which investigates the interrelation of language and (national) identity observable in the rapidly transforming language situation in Victorian Wales. Since autumn 2013, Sebastian has taught undergraduate courses in various areas of English linguistics. He is currently working on his PhD project, which is concerned with ideology and evaluative language in British historiography.

Research Interests

  • The language of historiography
  • Language and evaluation
  • Language and ideology
  • Language and identity
  • Language history
  • The language situation in Wales

Courses Taught

  • Interpersonal Communication - Correspondence throughout the centuries
  • Variational Pragmatics
  • The Language of Evaluation
  • Northern Englishes
  • Pragmatics
  • Introduction to Linguistics
  • Language(s) in Wales