Melanie Brück


University of Duisburg-Essen
Department of Anglophone Studies
Universitätsstr. 12
45141 Essen

Room: R12 R04 A07
Phone: +49 201 183-3106

Office hours summer term 2017: Mondays 4-5 pm


Melanie Anna Brück studied English and Biology at the University of Cologne and the University of Manchester until 2012, when she received her 1st State Examination (equivalent to MA degree). Since 2012 she has been a doctoral candidate and research assistant at the Chair of Applied English Linguistics at the English Department, University of Cologne. For her PhD project she conducted two field trips to Mahé, Seychelles, with travel grants from DAAD and a.r.t.e.s international. She has successfully defended her doctoral dissertation in 2016 (magna cum laude) and is currently preparing the publication of her analysis of the multimodal data collected on the Seychelles focuseing on the interaction of speech, gesture and culture in Kreol Seselwa.

Research Interests

  • language and culture
  • multimodality
  • Indigenous languages of Australia and the Pacific Islands region
  • language endangerment and documentation

Teaching (BA, undergraduate)

Language and Culture (WS 16/17) Introduction to Linguistics (WS 12/13, WS 13/14, SS16)
Sociolinguistics (SS 13, WS 15/16)
Pragmatics (SS 15)
First Language Acquisition (WS 14/15, WS 12/13)
Semantics (SS14)
Morphology (SS13)


Brück, M. A. 2016. Lalang, Zes ek Kiltir - Multimodal Reference Marking in Kreol Seselwa. Unpublished Doctoral Dissertation, University of Cologne.

Brück, M. A. 2016. "Multimodal Representation of Shared Cultural Knowledge in a Creolophone Community" In: Gilmartin, E.; Cerrato, L. and N. Campbell (Eds.) Proceedings of the 3rd Symposium on Multimodal Communication. Proceedings Series of the Northern European Association for Language Technology (NEALT). 13-18.

Adone, D., Gabel, A. and M. A. Brück. 2016. Linguistic Manual for Teachers. Part I: Selected Aspects of Sociolinguistics. Cologne: University of Cologne Press.

Brück, M. A. 2015. “Bimodal reference marking in Kreol Seselwa“ Island Studies 2:20-26.

Brück, M. A.  2015. “Research Report: Bimodal reference to space“ Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Seychelles.


Conference Talks & Presentations


"From Monomodal to Multimodal: On the Importance of Adding Gestures to the Analysis of Creole Languages", 11th Creolistics Workshop, Justus Liebig Universität Giessen, Germany.

 "The reflection of 'créolité' in the multimodal reference system of Kreol Seselwa", iGesto International Conference on Gesture and Multimodality, Universidade do Porto, Portugal.


"Mixed Systems? Context dependency and flexibility of multimodal reference in Kreol Seselwa", Gesture - Creativity - Multimodality, International Gesture Conference in Paris, International Society of Gesture Studies, Sorbonne Nouvelle University, Paris, France

"Anchoredness in Nature and Environment - Linguistic Evidence from Aboriginal Australia", with D. Adone und E. L. Maypilama, Nature and Environment in Australia, Gesellschaft für Australien Studien, University of Cologne, Germany

"Uncovering Referents in Kreol Seselwa" Presentation given at the Research Seminar, Faculty of Science and Humanities, University of Seychelles.

"The Interaction of Speech, Gestures and Culture on the Seychelles" Presentation given at the University of Seychelles.


“Bimodal Reference to Space: A Mixed Frame of Reference in Kreol Seselwa“ Mind, Meaning, Multimodality, University of Navarra, Spain.

“Between Gestures and Speech – Methodological Issues“ Workshop Research Methods on Language, Lenstiti Kreol Enternasyonal, Mahé, Seychelles.

“Multimodal Representation of Shared Cultural Knowledge in a Creolophone Community“ Symposium of Multimodal Communication (MMSYM 2015), Trinity College Dublin, Ireland


“Reference Marking in Co-Speech Gesture Interaction” Kolloq Enternasyonal, University of Seychelles, Mahé, Seychelles.