Schreyer, Lioba M.A.

Lioba Schreyer, M.A.

R11 T04 C05

Tel.: 0201/183-7279


Biographical Information

Lioba Schreyer is currently working on her doctoral project which focuses on contemporary Australian poetry. In 2015, she taught a course on Australian literature and culture at Fort Hays State University, KS, as a visiting lecturer. Lioba Schreyer finished her Master's degree at the University of Duisburg-Essen with a thesis on Irish poetry in 2014, which she partly researched at the University of Limerick funded by a University travel grant. For her Bachelor thesis, she analysed the development of national identity in relation to country as depicted in Australian poetry, which she researched at Griffith University, QLD, in 2012.
Lioba Schreyer has been a research assistant in the section of Postcolonial Studies at the University of Duisburg-Essen since 2011, and currently covers for Jasamin Ulfat-Seddiqzai's parental leave.

Research Interests

  • Australian literature and culture
  • Postcolonial Poetry
  • Postcolonial Theory

Conference Papers

  • "'Puzzled' - Dissolving Language Boundaries in Indigenous Australian Poetry", Kolloquium Entgrenzung (UDE), Kerstin Meincke (14.11.2014)
  • "Justice as a Contested Concept in Indigenous Australian Poetry", Interdisplinäres Kolloquium Anglistik/ Kunstwissenschaft (UDE), Prof. Dr. Gabriele Genge/ Kerstin Meincke, Prof. Dr. Patrica Plummer (18.07.2014)
  • "Contact Zones: Approaching Indigenous Australian Literature", Nachwuchsworkshop Postcolonial Studies (UDE), Prof.Dr. Patricia Plummer (12.06.2014)
  • "Cry for Justice - Mabo and Poetry", Postcolonial Justice Conference (GNEL ans GASt), Potsdam/ Berlin (29.05.2014)
  • "Small, Proud and Loud - Mabo and Poetry", Nachwuchsworkshop Postcolonial Studies (UDE), Prof. Dr. Patricia Plummer (07.02.2014)
  • "Narrative Techniques and Cultural Mediation in Phillip McLaren's Sweet Water, Stolen Land", Symposium "Indigenous Australian Literature in COntext, 1993-2013", Kulturwissenschaftliches Institus Essen, Prof. Dr. Patricia Plumer (13.04.2013)
  • "Cultural Mediation in Phillip McLaren's Sweet Water, Stolen Land", Nachwuchsworkshop Postcolonial Studies (UDE), Prof. Dr. Patricia Plummer (08.02.2013)

Courses Taught

SoSe 15:

  • "EN1_Englisch A1/2 (Quereinsteiger)", Lectureship IOS
  • "Current Trends in Australian Studies", Faculty Exchange: Visiting Lecturer at FHSU

WiSe 14/15:

  • "Introduction for Literary Studies"
  • "Translation and Mediation for Erasmus students", Lectureship Department of Anglphone Studies

SoSe 14:

  • "Contemporary Irish Poetry"
  • "Intrduction to Literary Studies"