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Vortrag Professor Ken Parry, Griffith Business School

Metaphors for innovative organisations: Findings from a national qualitative questionnaire and implications for leadership

  • Zeit: Montag, den 14.5.07, 10 - 11.30 Uhr
  • Ort: Vortragsraum der Bibliothek

A national survey used a qualitative questionnaire to test for perceptions of: climate for innovation; organisational culture; and metaphors for the organisation. Huge differences were found between the most innovative and the least innovative organisations, in terms of the food metaphors that represented these organisations in the minds of respondents. Inter alia, the most innovative organisations were lobster and caviar, while the least innovative organisations were meat&veg or pie&chips. Interview data uncovered the social constructions that reflected these metaphors. Inter-rater reliability was confirmed. Internal reliability was confirmed. Convergent validity was confirmed. Common method variance was removed. Implications for sensemaking and for organisational leadership are discussed.

Ken is a Professor of Management at Griffith Business School. Prior to that he was Director of the Centre for the Study of Leadership in Wellington, New Zealand. Ken is Editor of the Journal of Management & Organization, the journal of the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management (ANZAM). With Maree Boyle, he has edited a special edition of Culture & Organization on organisational autoethnography. Ken has conducted three national surveys and is pioneering the use of qualitative questionnaires. He has written 7 books, mainly on the topic of leadership. He has recently made two CDs for Management Press. Ken had nine years of experience in manufacturing industry as an inventory manager prior to entering academia.

Hier finden Sie die Vortragsfolien, hier ein Bild von Ken Parry.

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