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Saturday 02.Aug.2014 – Monday 18.Aug.2014: metasip2014 Metropolitanism : Trends & Scenarios in Palestine, Integrated Urban Development in Ramallah/elBireh Region

Call for Appllications for participation in the international summer school

Applicants can be architects, planners, geographer, sociologists, economists, artists and any other background given that s/he has – and can demonstrate – knowledge relating to the urban field and practice. S/he should be committed to the full duration of the program.

It is designed to challenge participants by putting to the test skills in tackling contemporary urban phenomena and patterns while utilizing creative interdisciplinary planning tools and processes. This challenge is embodied in the experimental post-colonial geopolitical arrangement of Palestine / Ramallah-elBireh region; one of layered sovereignties, non-linear authority, multiple non-allied actors, and high urban and historic complexity as well as polarization. Here borders are constantly shifting, a unified regulatory and judicial system is non-existent, and where planning is a subject of temporality.

Over two weeks of intensive work groups will be working in-cooperation and in-competition with one another, towards creating contributions for an exhibition and a publication of the outcomes. Participants are expected to achieve out-of-the-frame analyses perspectives and present proposals of alternative scenarios to existing urban trends.

Location: Ramallah-elBireh Governorate, Palestine
Period: Saturday 02.Aug.2014 – Monday 18.Aug.2014
Format: Intermediate Module (Sustainable Urban Technoloy & Urban Culture Society and Space)
Accreditation: 10 ECTs
Fees: € 100 (covers some materials, on-field excursions and modest accommodation)
Application form, requirements and further information are available under www.metasip2014
In case of questions and inquiries please contact us on
Kindly send your full application package to (please only one file and as a PDF)
Application form:

Deadline for application is Sunday 23.Feb.2014 at 24:00 CET