04.07.2014 - 14:56:31

Anglistik: Stacks of Obits - A play by renowned dramatist Stephanie L. Batiste

The celebrated spoken word performance Stacks of Obits relays the entangled experiences of love, loss, and family of two sisters against very real experiences of murder and death. In a combination of spoken word, storytelling, and visual media, artist Stephanie Batiste weaves a powerful tale against the backdrop of late 20th century Los Angeles – a city of violence, mass emotional victimization, and a place called Home. Her show uses music, projected stills, and filmed images to explore the role of empathy in the development of social consciousness and action. A protest against anarchic slaughter. An ode to the dead. And the celebration of community-making through event-sharing, listening and reading, collective memory, and truth-telling.

Thursday 10.07.2014, 12.00 sharp

Glaspavillon, Campus Essen