13.01.2014 - 08:21:10

18. March 2014 The International Auditorium, Brussels

LOG4GREEN Workshop: "Tackling Logistics Challenges of Tomorrow"

The LOG4GREEN consortium would like to invite interested logisticians to submit their experiences and ideas and to participate in the workshop “Tackling Logistics Challenges of Tomorrow”.

The conservation of resources, reliable urban supply and the growing complexity of flows and data are the major challenges the logistics sector has to face up to in the future. To tackle these challenges, researchers as well as companies throughout Europe are already working on innovative strategies, smart solutions and advanced products. However, logistics research is not yet sufficiently interlinked on an international level. Cutting edge research has to improve cooperation to implement efficient solutions and to enable a better sustainability performance within the European logistics sector.

The workshop aims at creating and deepening collaboration between researchers and representatives from industry (big companies as well as SMEs) who deal with innovation issues and are interested in tackling new projects in collaboration with researchers on an international and interdisciplinary scale. The target group comprises the research and innovation community within the six regions of the LOG4GREEN project as well as other logistics regions in Europe.

Interested researches and industry representatives from all over Europe are invited to submit applications for participation.

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