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The project "log4green" is realized in the context of the 7th EU Research Framework Programme and is part of the "Regions of Knowledge"

Log4Green Meeting in Odessa, Ukraine

The former pearl of the Black Sea, invited to interviews with experts and harbor tour on the subject of sustainable logistics and cluster formation in the Odessa region.
The trip to Odessa was part of the project Log4green in which the Centre for Logistics and Traffic (ZLV) at the University of Duisburg-Essen is involved. In the Log4Green EU project 13 partners, from 6 European countries jointly are developing innovative strategies for logistics of tomorrow. The project "log4green" is realized in the context of the 7th EU Research Framework Programme and is part of the "Regions of Knowledge" (Regions of Knowledge).

Ukraine, Odessa:
From the 16th – 19th September the Log4Green partners visited with the Ukrainian port city of Odessa on the Black Sea coast, the region of the Ukrainian consortium. In addition to the local university, the Odessa National Maritime University, is also the European Ukranian Business Agency (EEA) member of the project. The ZLV was represented by the Managing Director Klaus Krumme and the project assistant Maryna Humailo. The Odessa region has been trying for quite a while intensively both to intensified international scientific and economic exchange as well as a further development of cooperation structures between business, politics and science. Cluster structures plays an important role. In addition to a work program, which brought together many regional stakeholders and experts in the first Cluster Activation Workshop in the context of Log4Green, the Ukrainian hosts inspired with a cultural program, with their hospitality and the region itself.
Activities and goals:
Among the main objectives of the Odessa tour included the very first Cluster Activation Workshop at the Port of Odessa, a meeting with the Association of Ports of Ukraine as well as a tour of the large cargo port in order to get an idea of the initial situation in the region and to help the local stakeholders in the design of logistics clusters. In addition, the Log4Green partners exchanged information about the current state of their own cluster projects and used the meetings to the ONMU, to discuss the further course. As part of the cluster Activation Workshop partner countries France, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Turkey presented their best practice examples in short presentations. Guests from the USA participated in the interviews with experts. The response to the contributions of Log4Green partners was consistently positive. However, local difficulties in the implementation of development strategies for logistics clusters were discussed intensively.
The central anchor point of all possible strategies and their implementation is in addition to the regional universities the port of Odessa.
The "Port of Odessa"is considered as the largest port in Ukraine and one of the largest ports on the Black Sea and has developed over the years into an independent district, at the foot of downtown.
The regional and national networking of the activities and objectives of Log4Green served the meeting with the Association of Ports of Ukraine. For this purpose the Ukrainian newspaper "Moryak Ukrainy" was loadedwhich published a contribution to the Log4Green Meeting:
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From a Workshop to an Memorandum of Understanding for Academic Exchange //
The Workshop with the title “Interdisciplinary Science – Research, Management & Structural Innovations in a Changing Society” took place on 20. September, at the Odessa National Maritime University, in Ukraine and was moderated by Klaus Krumme, Managing Director, Centre for Logistics & Traffic, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany.
Following the LOG4GREEN meeting that took place in Odessa from 16 up to 19 September 2013, the pre-existing contacts with the Ukrainian partners and representatives of the Odessa National Maritime University (ONMU), such as Rector Prof. Dr. Iryna V. Morozova, Prof. Mikael Postan and Vera Baryshnikova of ONMU, offered the opportunity to have a joint workshop of the Center for Logistics and Traffic (ZLV) of the University of Duisburg-Essen (UDE) with university staff, lecturers and students of the management master program of ONMU related to strategic subjects of the LOG4GREEN project with a high significance for a mentoring and collaboration relationships between the universities. Context was the necessary strategic shift of the academia to enable new developments on the interface of logistics (science) and sustainability (related also to regional issues and interregional tasks). To intensify their relationship the university representatives have signed an official Memorandum of Understanding for Academic Exchange in front of the workshop.