03.05.2021 - 12:00:55

Call for Nominations: VII. Global Young Faculty

Join an interdisciplinary network of talented postdocs! The Global Young Faculty (GYF) enables postdoctoral researchers from the Ruhr area to work together with other researchers for three semesters on a topic of their choice that is relevant to society. The call for the seventh round has recently been published. The programme is aimed at researchers from all disciplines who have completed their doctorate with very good results, are aiming for a scientific career, and do not yet hold a professorship (W1 to W3). The UDE can nominate up to 35 promising researchers for the seventh GYF cohort (internal coordination of nominations will be coordinated by the Science Support Centre, contact person: Catharina Yacoub, UDE-internal deadline for submission of nominations: 25 May).
More about the GYF and the call for the seventh cohort: (in German)