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09.02.2015 - 15:00:22

Chinese Delegation visits Duisburg

On 26 January 2015 ZLV Chairman Prof. Bernd Noche (Department of Transport Systems and Logistics) and ZLV executive director Klaus Krumme welcomed a group of logistics professors and lecturers from the Chinese city of Chongqing. Subject of the visit were logistical issues, but most importantly the structure of the unique Centre for Logistics & Traffic.

On behalf of the CAIEP, China Association for International Exchange of Personnel, the Carl Duisberg Centren, a non-profit organization for international training and development, the visit was organized in the context of a training programme on logistics. The delegation, comprising professors and lecturers as well as representatives of companies and institutes related to logistics, visited at the end of January, in order to learn about a range of areas and issues within logistics in Germany.

The meeting in Duisburg was based on our guests’ wish to learn more about ZLV, its aims and tasks, how to successfully connect research with business and which dissemination possibilities it employs. Given that there are efforts to built a similar centre in Chongqing, the exchange of experience and further cooperation with ZLV is crucial. Furthermore, the delegation was interested in the student competition Logistik Masters and was impressed with the 8th victory for the students at the University of Duisburg-Essen. Moreover, the establishing of DIALOGistik, a network made up of a series of practice partners, which was born out of three research projects and aims at facilitating transfer, led to inspiring discussions.

The Centre for Logistics & Traffic was delighted to have been chosen as a best-practice example – this once more shows the importance ZLV has for the region and research alike.

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