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14.10.2015 - 11:01:36

UDE students convince at the Youth Day 2015 in St. Petersburg

Between October 6th and 9th, a group of UDE master students took part in a case study contest in the context of the "International Gas Forum 2015" in St. Petersburg, representing the first and only German University to attend the event. From early September on, the six students prepared for the competition in collaboration with E.ON, partner and sponsor of the trip to the Russian metropolis.

The master students, who traveled in company of Rector Prof. Dr. Radtke and Dr. Katharina Jacob from the Center for Higher Education Development and Quality Enhancement, were able to secure the 2nd place with their outstanding performance at the Youth Day 2015 in St. Petersburg. In the final presentation on October 7th, the six students had to master the critical questions of the jury, board members of various gas companies and Russian scientists, and performed excellently in front of a star-studded audience made up of approx. 500 business representatives.

The Centre of Logistics & Traffic, which supported the university in addressing suited participants, congratulates the successful students and is pleased with the excellent use of the opportunity of strengthening UDE’s international visibility.