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ECoL-Focus “Food Supply Chain“

Open for Application: ECoL Summer School 2017

Yet another ECoL Summer School of the ECoL Network “Emerging Concepts of Logistics” (ECoL) is about to take place in upcoming August 2017. A select group of scientists, business and industry representatives will lead through the ten-day programme with special focus on the topic “Food Supply Chain”. The ECoL Summer School is funded by the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD.

How will food supply look like in villages, towns, cities and megacities in the future? What will happen to our ecosystem, if the people-to-people created food supply industry continues disregarding environmental standards? Which resources will diminish or disappear completely? Which alternative resources and techniques do exist along the supply chain in order to foster eco-friendly food supply? And which techniques are still to be developed?

The global food supply chain is one of the most demanding and urgent tasks of contemporary research in supply chain management. To that effect, this year’s ECoL Summer School, which will take place from the 14th till the 24th of August 2017, focuses on the research-topic “Food Supply Chain”. Founded in 2013, the ECoL-Network ever since is eager to provide space for young researchers throughout the annually organized summer school in order to discuss these questions and many more in a best suited environment. To ECoL-partners a best suited environment means above all the intensive mentoring and lecturing of representatives from the field of science and industry, who already gained expertise and experience amongst other research areas in the fields of environmental science, logistics, management of services and (food) supply management; But it also means a diversified programme in- and outside of the think tank in order to provide an inspiring atmosphere during the summer school. Moreover, excursions, cultural activities and evening events are supposed to give insights into activities concerning innovative supply chain management, location optimization and sustainability in the Rhein-Ruhr Region.

The ECoL Summer School addresses especially PhD Students, post-docs and practitioners with overlapping ECoL-research-backgrounds as well as Master students of ECoL-related subjects. Thanks to the funding of the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD travel and accommodation expenses for participants from foreign countries are being fully covered.

Key data of the ECoL Summer School at a glance:
• From August, 14th until 24th (2017)
• In Duisburg, Germany
• Main focus on topic “Food Supply Chain”
• Funded by the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD

Programme of this year’s ECoL Summer School:

Application for the ECoL Summer School 2017

Previous ECoL Summer Schools

Previous ECoL Summer Schools took place at the Campus of Koç University in Istanbul (2015) and at the University of Duisburg-Essen in Duisburg (2016). Participants from various countries shared their knowledge and ideas for new emerging concepts of logistics on the programme's topics „Resilient Urban Industrial Systems“ (2015) and “Port of the Future” during workshops, presentations and on excursions.
Here you will find detailed reports on both ECoL Summer Schools:

About the ECoL-Concept

The idea to connect experts on Emerging Concepts of Logistics evolved within the EU-project LOG4GREEN. This undertaking as a so called Regions of Knowledge-Initiative was set up to develop a joint research agenda on sustainable logistics. By offering a summer school, the groundbreaking collaboration of several European research projects will be made accessible to a wider audience. The long term goal of the ECoL network is to initiate and strengthen partnerships while intensifying a consistent scientific understanding on ECoL topics.

About ECoL: