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3rd China-Germany Artificial Intelligence Conference

ZLV researchers present results at Artificial Intelligence Conference

On November 15th and 16th 2018, the 3rd China-Germany Artificial Intelligence Conference took place in Zhuhai in southern China. Three scientists from the Centre for Logistics and Transport (ZLV) were invited to present their respective research results.

"Intelligent Manufacturing and Smart Logistics", "Autonomous Building Construction" "Warehousing Robots in Logistics" – at the 3rd "China-Germany Artificial Intelligence Conference" in Zhuhai, southern China on November 15th and 16th , 2018, the associated ZLV employees Fuyin Wei, Arnim Spengler and Cyril Alias presented their research topics in the area of Artificial Intelligence to international audiences:

Fuyin Wei, Research Associate at the ZLV-Chair of Transport Systems and Logistics (TUL), presented technical developments based on camera and sensor solutions in her lecture "Cutting-edge Research Projects Introduction: Camera and Sensor Technologies Applications in the Area of Intelligent Manufacturing and Smart Logistics ". Wey relied on results from the BMBF research project ProDigiLog:

Photo: Fuyin Wei (TUL) presents results from the research project ProDigiLog

Arnim Spengler, research associate at the ZLV Institute of Construction Operation and Construction Management (IBB), gave an overview of the prevalence of Artificial Intelligence in the construction industry. In his lecture "Overview of the Current Use of AI Methods in European Construction Industry and Autonomous Building Construction with Smart Robots" he explained the Building Information Modeling and elaborated on automated masonry construction with the help of cable robots:

Photo: Arnim Spengler (IBB) introduces the BIM cluster NRW to the audience

Cyril Alias, research associate at the ZLV Department of Transport Systems and Logistics (TUL), spoke on "Warehousing Robots in Logistics - An Overview of Ongoing Disruptive Transformation of Intra-Logistics". In his presentation, he described the ongoing trend towards robotization of intralogistics and presented this on the basis of numerous examples from industry and research. In this context, he also presented interim results of the EFRE.NRW research project LEAN, which focuses on lightweight storage and retrieval machines based on cable robot technology:

Photo: Cyril Alias (TUL) gives an overview of robotics applications in the warehouse

The 3rd China-Germany Artificial Intelligence Conference featured a wide range of topics on Artificial Intelligence. In addition to applications in logistics and supply chain management, international visitors also found solutions from the areas of production, autonomous driving, intelligent building technology and digitization in art and culture in the lecture program. The program was rounded off by an exhibition of Chinese and German companies presenting various AI solutions.

Photo: ZLV researchers made contact with many Chinese colleagues:

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