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25.04.2019 - 18:15:14

EDRF-funded Research Project DeConTrans

DST hosts “JRF on Site” Event about “Logistics in Transition”

On April 10, 2019, the Johannes Rau Research Foundation (JRF) organized together with the DST – Development Center for Ship Technology and Transport Systems an event of its event-series "JRF on Site" at the DST in Duisburg discussing the topic "Logistics in transition: Modern concepts and technologies for interurban supply of North Rhine-Westphalia". The DST presented its research project "DeConTrans".

With its "JRF on Site" event-series, the Johannes Rau Research Community openes together with its research partners the very different think tanks in the region for trade visitors, in order to learn more about their working worlds and at the same time promote scientific exchange on various topics. On April 10, 2019, the affiliated institute of the UDE "DST - Development Center for Ship Technology and Transport Systems" in Duisburg opened its doors on the topic "Logistics in Transition".

Various scientists and industry representatives presented results and insights from their respective research work, outlining a picture of change in the logistics industry. The presentations made it clear that digitization and the use of new technologies are the main drivers for the logistics industry in transition in particular, as well as new organizational approaches that are prerequisites for technological innovation.

• Representatives of industry and academia presented various logistics innovations

• Break-out sessions about dedicated DeConTrans development tracks:

ZLV member Cyril Alias (DST) presented the research project 'DeConTrans' and first results from it. The project pursues the development of innovative vessel and transhipment concepts for a decentralized container transport by using spare capacities and untapped potential on the waterways of the Rhine and the adjacent West German canal systems.

The event ended with a snack and a tour of the experimental facilities of the DST and offered the guests the opportunity for personal exchange.

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