14.04.2016 - 17:10:50

GRK 1613 Reserach Forum - Prof. Dr Gabriele Vogt

20.04.2016,16:15 Uhr, LE 736 , Forsthausweg 2, 47057 Duisburg, Campus Duisburg

On Wednesday the 20th of April Prof. Dr Gabriele Vogt professor for Japanese Politics and society at the Institute for Asian and African Studies at the University of Hamburg and liaison officer at the German National Academic Foundation will hold a lecture on the topic of health-caregiver migration to Japan and Germany.

Japan and Germany face labor shortages in the health-care sector. Via bilateral treaties with selected partner countries, both nations fairly recently have jumped onto the bandwagon of recruiting health-caregivers on a global labor market. Yet, the migration schemes implemented in both countries are unattractive to potential migrants and their employers alike, and the numbers of applicants are extremely low. By studying the national and supranational levels of policy-making in Japan and Germany, this talk explores the reasons for the emergence of what will be coined 'policies designed to fail'.