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Belletti, B., Nardi, L., Rinaldi, M., Poppe, M., Brabec, K., Bussettini, M., Comiti, F., Gielczewski, M., Golfieri, B., Hellsten, S., Kail, J., Marchese, E., Marcinkowski, P., Okruszko, T., Paillex, A., Schirmer, M., Stelmasczczyk & Surian, N. (2018) Assessing restoration effects on river hydromorphology using the process-based Morphological Quality Index in eight European river reaches. Environmental Management, 61, 69-84.

Kakouei,K., Kiesel, J., Domisch, S., Irving, K.S., Jähnig, S.C. & Kail, J. (2018) Projected effects of climate change- induced flow alterations on stream macroinvertebrate abundances. Ecology and Evolution, 8, 3393-3409.
doi: 10.1002/ece3.3907   link to article

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Kakouei, K, Kiesel, J., Kail, J., Pusch, M. & Jähnig, S.C. (2017) Quantitative hydrological preferences of benthic stream invertebrates in Germany. Ecological Indicators, 79, 163-172.

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Radinger, J., Kail, J. & Wolter, C. (2017) Differences among expert judgments of fish habitat suitability and implications for river management. River Research and Applications, 33, 538-547.

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Friberg, N., Angelopoulos, N.V., Buijse, A.D., Cowx, I.G., Kail, J., Moe., T.F., Moirk, H., O'Hare, M.T., Verdonschot, P.F.M. & Wolter, C (2016) Effective river restoration in the 21st century: From trial and error to novel evidence-based approaches. Advances in Ecological Research, 55, 535-611.   link to article

Kail, J., McKie, B., Verdonschot, P.F.M. & Hering, D. (2016) Preface: Effects of hydromorphological river restoration?a comprehensive field investigation of 20 European projects. Hydrobiologia, 769, 1-2.   link to article

Muhar, S., Januschke, K., Kail, J., Poppe, M., Schmutz, S., Hering, D. & Buijse, A.D. (2016) Evaluating good-practice cases for river restoration across Europe: context, methodological framework, selected results and recommendations. Hydrobiologia, 769, 3-19.
doi: 10.1007/s10750-016-2652-7   link to article

Poppe, M., Kail, J., Aroviita, J., Stelmaszczyk, M., Gielczewski, M. & Muhar, S. (2016) Assessing restoration effects on hydromorphology in European mid-sized rivers by key hydromorphological parameters. Hydrobiologia, 769, 21-40.
doi: 10.1007/s10750-015-2468-x   link to article

Verdonschot, R.C.M., Kail, J., McKie, B.G. & Verdonschot, P.F.M. (2016) The role of benthic microhabitats in determining the effects of hydromorphological river restoration on macroinvertebrates. Hydrobiologia, 769, 55-66.
doi: 10.1007/s10750-015-2354-6   link to article

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Guse, B., Kail, J., Radinger, J., Schröder, M., Kiesel, J., Hering, D., Wolter, C. & Fohrer, N. (2015) Eco-hydrologic model cascades: Simulating land use and climate change impacts on hydrology, hydraulics and habitats for fish and macroinvertebrates, Science of the Total Environment, 533, 542-566.   link to article

Hering, D., Aroviita, J., Baattrup-Pedersen, A., Brabec, K., Buijse, T., Ecke, F., Friberg, N., Gielczewski, M., Januschke, K., Köhler, J., Kupilas; B., Lorenz, A.W., Muhar, S., Paillex, A., Poppe, M., Schmidt, T., Schmutz, S., Vermaat, J., Verdonschot, P.F.M., Verdonschot, R.C.M, Wolter, C. & Kail, J. (2015) Contrasting the roles of section length and instream habitat enhancement for river restoration success: a field study of 20 European restoration projects. Journal of Applied Ecology, 52, 1518-1527.
doi: 10.1111/1365-2664.12531   link to article

Kail, J., Brabec, K., Poppe, M. & Januschke, K. (2015) The effect of river restoration on fish, macroinvertebrates and aquatic macophytes: A meta-analysis. Ecological Indicators, 58, 311-321.
doi: 10.1016/j.ecolind.2015.06.011   link to article

Kail, J., Guse, B., Radinger, J., Schröder, M., Kiesel, J., Kleinhans, M., Schuurman, F., Fohrer, N., Hering, D. & Wolter, C. (2015) A Modelling Framework to Assess the Effect of Pressures on River Abiotic Habitat Conditions and Biota. PLoS ONE 10(6), e0130228.
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.013022   link to article

Radinger, J., Wolter, C. & J. Kail (2015) Spatial scaling of environmental variables improves species-habitat models of fishes in a small, sand-bed lowland river. PLoS ONE 10(11): e0142813.   link to article

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Eschbach, E., Nolte, A. W., Kohlmann, K., Kersten, P., Kail, J. & Arlinghaus, R. (2014) Population differentiation of zander (Sander lucioperca) across native and newly colonized ranges suggests increasing admixture in the course of an invasion. Evolutionary Applications, 7, 555-568.

Radinger, J., Kail, J. & Wolter. C. (2014) FIDIMO - A Free and Open Source GIS based dispersal model for riverine fish. Ecological Informatics, 24, 238-247.

2013  (back to top)

Jähnig, S. C., Lorenz, A. W., Lorenz, R. R. C. & Kail, J. (2013) A comparison of habitat diversity and interannual habitat dynamics in actively and passively restored mountain rivers of Germany. Hydrobiologia, 712, 89-104.

Kail, J. & Wolter, C. (2013) Pressures at larger spatial scales strongly influence the ecological status of heavily modified river water bodies in Germany. Science of the Total Environment, 454-455, 40-50.

Stoll, S., Sundermann, A., Lorenz, A. W., Kail, J. & Haase, P. (2013) Small and impoverished regional species pools constrain colonization of restored river reaches by fishes. Freshwater Biology, 58, 664-674.

2012  (back to top)

Kail, J., Arle, J. & Jähnig, S. C. (2012) Limiting factors and thresholds for macroinvertebrate assemblages in European rivers: Empirical evidence from three datasets on water quality, catchment urbanization, and river restoration. Ecological Indicators 18, 63-72.

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Feld, C.K., Birk, S., Bradley, D.C., Hering, D., Kail, J., Marzin, A., Melcher, A., Nemitz, D., Pedersen, M.L., Pletterbauer. F., Pont, D., Verdonschot, P.F.M. & Friberg, N. (2011) From Natural to Degraded Rivers and Back Again: a test of restoration ecology theory and practice. Advances in Ecological Research, 44, 119-209.

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Kail, J. & Wolter, C. (2010) Analysis and evaluation of large-scale river restoration planning in Germany to better link river research and management. River Research and Applications, 27, 985-999.

2009  (back to top)

Kail, J. & Hering, D. (2009) The influence of adjacent stream reaches on the local ecological status of Central European mountain streams. River Research and Applications, 25, 537-550.

Kail, J., Jähnig, S. & Hering, D. (2009) Relation between floodplain land-use and river hydromorphology on different spatial scales - a case study from two lower-mountain catchments in Germany. Fundamental and Applied Limnology, 174, 63-73.

2008  (back to top)

Piégay, H., Naylor, L. A., Haidvogl, G., Kail, J., Schmitt. L. & Bourdin, L. (2008) Integrative Sciences and River Restoration: Some European Experiences. in: Brierley, G.J. and Fryirs, K.A. (Eds.) River Futures, 2008, 201-219.

2007  (back to top)

Kail, J., Hering, D., Gerhard, M., Muhar, S. & Preis, S. (2007) The use of large wood in stream restoration: experiences from 50 projects in Germany and Austria. Journal of Applied Ecology, 44, 1145-1155.

2005  (back to top)

Kail, J. & Hering, D. (2005) Using large wood to restore streams in Central Europe: potential use and likely effects. Landscape Ecology, 20, 755-772.

2003  (back to top)

Kail, J. (2003) Influence of large woody debris on the morphology of six central European streams. Geomorphology, 51, 207-223.

2000  (back to top)

Hering, D., Kail, J., Eckert, S., Gerhard, M., Meyer, E.I., Mutz, M., Reich, M. & Weiß, I. (2000) Coarse woody debris quantity and distribution in Central European streams. International Review of Hydrobiology, 85, 5-23.