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Brand, S.J., Erasmus, J.H., Labuschagne, M., Grabner, D., Nachev, M., Zimmermann, S., Wepener, V., Smit, N. & Sures, B. (2019) Bioaccumulation and metal-associated biomarker responses in a freshwater mussel, Dreissena polymorpha, following short-term platinum exposure. Environmental Pollution, 246, 69-78.   link to article

Pérez-del-Olmo, A., Nachev, M., Zimmermann, S., Fernández, M. & Sures, B. (2019) Medium-term dynamics of element concentrations in a sparid fish and its isopod parasite after the Prestige oil-spill: Shifting baselines? Science of The Total Environment, 686, 648-656.   link to article

2016  (back to top)

Le, T.T.Y., Nachev, M., Grabner, D., Hendriks, A.J. & Sures, B. (2016) Development and validation of a biodynamic model for mechanistically predicting metal accumulation in fish-parasite systems. PLoS ONE, 11(8), e0161091
doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0161091   link to article

Nachev, M. & Sures, B. (2016) Environmental parasitology: Parasites as accumulation bioindicators in the marine environment. Journal of Sea Research, 113, 45-50.
doi:10.1016/j.seares.2015.06.005   link to article

2015  (back to top)

Chen, H.Y., Grabner, D.S., Nachev, M., Shih, S.H. & Sures, B (2015) Effect of the acanthocephalan Polymorphus minutus and the microsporidian Dictyocoela duebenum on energy reserves and stress response of cadmium exposed Gammarus fossarum. Peer J 3, e1353.   link to article

Wilke, P., Coger, V., Nachev, M., Schachschal, S., Million, N., Barcikowski, S., Sures, B., Reimers, K., Vogt, P.M. & Pich, A. (2015) Biocompatible microgel-modified electrospun fibers for zinc ion release. Polymer, 61, 163-173.   link to article

2014  (back to top)

Grabner, D.S., Mohamed, F.A.M.M., Nachev, M., Méabed, E.M.H., Sabry, A.H.A. & Sures, B. (2014) Invasion biology meets parasitology: A case study of parasite spill-back with egyptian Fasciola gigantica in the invasive snail Pseudosuccinea columella. PloS ONE 9, e88537.

2013  (back to top)

Frank, S.N., Godehardt, S., Nachev, M., Trubiroha, A., Kloas, W. & Sures, B. (2013) Influence of the cestode Ligula intestinalis and the acanthocephalan Polymorphus minutus on levels of heat shock proteins (HSP70) and metallothioneins in their fish and crustacean intermediate hosts. Environmental Pollution, 180, 173-179.

Mihailova, P., Traykov, I., Tosheva, A., Nachev, M. (2013) Changes in biological and physicochemical parameters of river water in a small hydropower reservoir cascade. Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science 19, 286-289.

Nachev, M., Schertzinger, G. & Sures, B. (2013) Comparison of the metal accumulation capacity between the acanthocephalan Pomphorhynchus laevis and larval nematodes of the genus Eustrongylides sp. infecting barbel (Barbus barbus). Parasites and Vectors 6, 21.

2010  (back to top)

Nachev, M., Zimmermann, S., Rigaud, T. & Sures, B. (2010) Is metal accumulation in Pomphorhynchus laevis dependent on parasite sex or infrapopulation size? Parasitology, 137, 1239-1248.

2009  (back to top)

Nachev, M. & Sures, B. (2009) The endohelminth fauna of barbel (Barbus barbus) correlates with water quality of the Danube River in Bulgaria. Parasitology, 136, 545-552.