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Paper: 2020 | 2019 |




Kahlert, M., Eilola, K., Mack, L., Meissner, K., Sandin, L., Strömberg, H., Uusitalo, L., Viktorsson, L. & Liess, A. (2020) Gaps in current Baltic Sea environmental monitoring - Science versus management perspectives. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 160, 111669.

Mack, L., Attila, J., Aylagas, E., Beermann, A., Borja, A., Hering, D., Kahlert, M., Leese, F., Lenz, R., Lehtiniemi, M., Liess, A., Lips, U., Mattila, O.-P., Meissner, K., Pyhälahti, T., Setälä, O., Strehse, J. S., Uusitalo, L., Willstrand Wranne, A. & Birk, S. (2020) A synthesis of marine monitoring methods with the potential to enhance the status assessment of the Baltic Sea. Frontiers in Marine Science, 7, 552047


Mack, L., Andersen, H.E., Beklioglu, M., Bucak, T., Couture, R.M., Cremona, F., Ferreira, M.T., Hutchins, M.G., Mischke, U., Molina-Navarro, E., Rankinen, K., Venohr, M. & Birk, S. (2019) The future depends on what we do today - Projecting Europe's surface water quality into three different future scenarios. Science of The Total Environment, 668, 470-484.