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Publications Marin Palt

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Kail, J., Palt, M., Lorenz, A. & Hering, D. (2021) Woody buffer effects on water temperature: The role of spatial configuration and daily temperature fluctuations. Hydrological Processes, 35:e14008

Kaiser, N. N., Ghermandi, A., Feld, C. K., Hershkovitz, Y., Palt, M. & Stoll, S. (2021) Societal benefits of river restoration–Implications from social media analysis. Ecosystem Services, 50, 101317

Le Gall, M., Palt, M., Kail, J., Hering, D. & Piffady, J. (2021) Woody riparian buffers have indirect effects on macroinvertebrate assemblages of French rivers, but land use effects are much stronger. Journal of Applied Ecology, 00, 1-11.

Palt, M., Le Gall, M., Piffady, J., Hering, D. & Kail, J. (2021) A metric-based analysis on the effects of riparian and catchment landuse on macroinvertebrates. Science of The Total Environment, 151590

Vermaat, J. E., Palt, M., Piffady, J., Putnins, A. & Kail, J. (2021) The effect of riparian woodland cover on ecosystem service delivery by river floodplains: a scenario assessment. Ecosphere, 12(8), e03716.


Duerregger, A., Pander, J., Palt, M., Mueller, M., Nagel, C. & Geist, J. (2018) The importance of stream interstitial conditions for the early-life-stage development of the European nase (Chondrostoma nasus L.). Ecology of Freshwater Fish, 27(4), 920-932.


Schinegger, R., Palt, M., Segurado, P. & Schmutz, S. (2016) Untangling the effects of multiple human stressors and their impacts on fish assemblages in European running waters. Science of the Total Environment, 573, 1079-1088.