Aquatic Ecology Projects


MARS is a research project and supports European policies, such as the Water Framework Directive,and the Blueprint to Safeguard Europe’s Water Resources. It has two target groups: "water managers" assessing and restoring rivers and lakes; and policy makers drafting and implementing policies related to water. » more

Reintroduction of benthic invertebrates

Assisted migration, i.e. reintroduction, is a hot topic in river restoration science. In a pilot project for Germany, the University of Oldenburg leads a project trying to relocate whole macroinvertebrate communities from one species-rich stream to another impoverished stream. The field experiments will be conducted in three successive seasons starting in spring 2015, together with acompanied success studies. The project is funded by the LANUV NRW.


DESSIN demonstrates and promotes innovative solutions for water scarcity and water quality / the implementation of the Water Framework directive (WFD) and shows the value of those solutions for the water sector and society by also demonstrating a methodology for the valuation of ecosystem services (ESS) as catalyser for innovation. By this twofold approach, DESSIN will be able to demonstrate how innovative solutions in the water cycle can increase the value of the services provided by freshwater ecosystems, enabling a more informed selection of the most promising solutions in regards to their impact on the water body and their economic implications. Project Website