Aquatic Ecology - Research topics

Biodiversity relates to the diversity of species and assemblages. We are interested in biodiversity patterns of a wide variety of freshwater inhabiting organism groups (Protozoa, diatoms, macrophytes, benthic invertebrates, fish, parasites).. » more

Assessment of freshwater ecosystems
Structure and assemblage composition of freshwater ecosystems vary in space and time. Environmental parameters such as river size, sediment composition and discharge determine the occurrence of species.. » more

Climate Change and freshwater ecosystems
Within a large EU-funded project ( we focus on the relation between climate, discharge dynamics, habitat and assemblage composition in rivers and on indicator organisms for assessing the impact of climate change on freshwater biota.. » more

Invasive species
Central European flora and fauna is increasingly impacted by invasive species. In most cases invasions have been caused by.. » more

Recent studies estimate that about 40% of all organisms show at least temporarily, a parasitic lifestyle. In aquatic habitats, a large variety of different parasites be found in systematically different trophic levels. Parasites are a natural component of biological communities..» more

Ecotoxicology / Environmental Chemistry
Part of our work deals with the accumulation of heavy metals in free-living animals as well as internal parasites of vertebrates. The aim of these studies is to use the organisms as bioindicators for the detection of metals in different habitats..» more

River restoration
Most rivers and lakes in Central Europe have been severely impacted; according to recent monitoring results about two third of the river stretches will not reach the legally binding goal of a „good ecological status“.. » more