PD Dr. Christian K. Feld


Faculty of Biology
Aquatic Ecology
Universitätsstrasse 5
D-45141 Essen

Room S05T03B21
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Short biosketch

My current research covers bioindication and diagnosis of the effects of multiple stressors on freshwater ecosystems, recovery of aquatic communities from multiple stressors after restoration and freshwater biodiversity at different spatial scales. I have been involved in EU projects on the implementation of the Water Framework Directive and related topics since 2000. Besides, I am interested in a better understanding of the functioning of freshwater systems and how it can be evaluated using biological and ecological traits. In the current EU project MARS, I am developing a diagnostic tool to help ecosystem managers identify the most likely causes of ecological deterioration of their rivers and lakes.
Since 2005, I hold a PhD in biology (Dr. rer. nat.) granted by the University of Duisburg-Essen. I am teaching ecosystem ecology, ecology and protection of freshwater ecosystems, ecological field methods and statistical analysis at bachelor and master level. My publication history covers studies on bioindication using benthic invertebrates, biodiversity and functional  redundancy, and ecosystem services (to my publications).