Dr. Kathrin Januschke


Faculty of Biology
Aquatic Ecology
Universitätsstrasse 5
D-45141 Essen

Room S05T03B04
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Short biosketch

My research focuses on the effects of hydromorphological river restorations on aquatic and riparian organism groups, and biological monitoring in German floodplains. Thereby, I am interested in increasing the knowledge about the efficiency of restoration measures, biological assessment of floodplains, and functional processes in riparian ecosystems. Since 2008, I am involved in the organisation and realisation of intensive fieldwork in the context of several European (e.g. REFORM) and national projects. Thereby, I focus on morphological surveys, macroinvertebrate and ground beetle sampling followed by species identification and data management. Moreover, I got profound knowledge about biomonitoring methods and assessment systems following the European Water Framework Directive.
Since 2013, I hold a PhD in biology (Dr. rer. nat.) granted by the University of Duisburg-Essen. As ecology is my passion, I really enjoy teaching Biology students and teacher trainees (Bachelor and Master of Biology, Bachelor and Master of Education). This includes lectures about basics of ecology, river and lake training courses, zoological identification courses and special seminars, e.g. dealing with the effects of climate change on ecological processes and biodiversity. My publication history covers studies about restoration effects on aquatic and riparian organism groups, colonization patterns of riparian ground beetles, and biodiversity in German floodplains (to my publications).

PhD thesis:

Stream restorations – (morphological) effects on colonisation and succession of terrestrial and aquatic organism groups