Size dependence of biological responses

Topic: Environmental Chemistry; Water Chemistry; Environmental modelling

Project description:
The project aims to investigate the dependence of biological responses to changes in dissolved oxygen (DO), dissolved organic carbon (DOC), and electrical conductivity (EC) on body size. Responses of organisms to changes in these environmental variables will be related to size to facilitate extrapolation to various groups of organisms.

Problem description:
Body size plays an integrative role to environmental variables and biological responses. Organisms respond differently to changes in environmental variables, depending on their size. Therefore, an integration of size dependence facilitates extrapolation between organism groups as well as extrapolation to higher levels of biological organisms.

The research will focus on the following components:

  • How do responses of organisms in the same taxonomic class depend on size?
  • How do responses of organisms in different taxonomic class depend on size?
  • What is the relationship between biological responses and body size?

Duration: 5 months

Starting date: Any time

Supervision: T.T. Yen Le