Technical Program

The academic content of the Automotive lectures consists of the following main topics:


  • Current trends in automotive engineering (Prof. D. Schramm)


  • Modeling of vehicle dynamics (Prof. D. Schramm)
    -Lateral and longitudinal vehicle dynamics, automotive systems, and components


  • Materials and processes for light body structures (Prof. A. Fischer)
    -Space frame, ULSAB, light-metal alloys, high-strength steels, composites, Laser cutting, laser welding, hot-pressing, bonding


  • Materials and processes for wear-resistant engine tribosystems (Prof. A. Fischer)
    -Light-metal castings, grey cast iron castings, metal spraying, laser surface structuring, micro- and nanocrystalline coatings


  • Processes in internal combustion engines (Prof. C. Schulz)
    -Combustion fundamentals and strategies in IC engines: Diesel, spark ignition, HCCI, Optimization, future trends including in-cylinder laser-based diagnostics


  • Lab visit (Prof. C. Schulz)
    -Engine test bench in operation, laser-based visualization of concentrations and temperature


  • Energy supply for future generations (Prof. A. Heinzel)
    -Fuel-cell technology and systems with focus on Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell (PEFC), Hydrogen generation, storage and transport, options for fossil and for renewable sources


  • Active safety and driver assistance systems (Prof. D. Schramm)
    -ABS/ESP, lane departure warning, lane keeping assistance, etc.



Further topics will be added in the course depending on student interest and industry involvement.