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Laser-Generated Functional Nanoparticles and Materials

   Introduction :    Chapter I

   Fundamentals, General Aspects :    Chapter II

   Alloy Nanoparticles :    Chapter III

   Bioconjugation of gold nanoparticles - Method :    Chapter IV

   Application of bioconjugated gold nanoparticles :    Chapter V

   Biocompatibility and toxicity gold nanoparticles :    Chapter VI

   Surface Coating, Electrodeposition :    Chapter VII

   Nanoparticle Polymer Composites :    Chapter VIII

   Liquid flow reactors and Scale-up :    Chapter IX

   Laser Fragmentation of inorganic and organic Micro- and Nanoparticles :    Chapter X

   Risk Assessment of Hazards during Laser Machining - Consulting :    Chapter XI

   Outlook, Exploitation, and Dissemination :    Chapter XII

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