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Tapping Nanoparticles: Continuous Laser Synthesis in Liquid Flow

Rapid prototyping for medical treatment - Zinc and iron nanoparticles inside burn wound pads

Coating of electrodes with nanoparticles
Nanostructuring electrodes by electrophoretic nanoparticle deposition without surfactants

Nanosilver without precursor chemistry: Realtime silver nanoparticle formation during laser ablation

Bioconjugation of gold nanoparticles in liquid flow - bivalent cell penetrating

Wire ablation by pulsed laser in liquid - synthesis of ligand-free gold

Laser ablation and nanoparticle generation in liquid flow

Gold nanoparticle formation during laser ablation in liquid - shock wave cavitation

Functional nanoparticles in biotechnology - enabled by laser ablation in liquid

Cell sorting by FACS for sperm sexing - nanoparticle bioconjugate light scattering

Cell membrane penetration of gold nanoparticles bioconjugated with cationic peptides - sperm sexing

Gold nanoparticle conjugation with charged peptide and DNA ligands

Nanoparticle agglomerate size reduction and fragmentation by laser excitation

Clean nanoparticles colloids for medical and catalysis application
real-time video of pulsed laser ablation of gold in water

Quantification of mass-specific laser energy input converted into particle properties during picosecond pulsed laser fragmentation of zinc oxide and boron carbide in liquids

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