Dr. Janina Rahlff - Post Doc


2018    Dr.rer.nat, Graduate Programm Environmental Sciences and Biodiversity, Carl-von-Ossietzky University of Oldenburg, Germany

2014      MSc Marine Ecosystems and Fisheries Science, University of Hamburg, Germany

2011      BSc (Honours) Life Sciences, Open University, Milton Keynes, UK

2007      Professional training as Biological-Technical Assistant (BTA), Hamburg, Germany

Professional Appointments

Since 2018 Postdoctoral research associate at the University Duisburg-Essen, Biofilm Center, Group for Aquatic Microbial Ecology, Essen, Germany

2014- 2017 Research associate at the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg, Institute for Chemistry and Biology of the Marine Environment (ICBM), Wilhelmshaven, Germany (PhD thesis)

2014 Graduand at the Institute for Hydrobiology and Fisheries Science, University of Hamburg, Germany (MSc thesis)

2014 DAAD-scholarship (PROMOS) for a research project at the Department of Fisheries, Animal & Veterinary Science, University of Rhode Island, USA

2012- 2014 Student laboratory assistant at ScreeningPort, later Fraunhofer Institute for Molecular Biology and Applied Ecology IME, Division ScreeningPort, Hamburg, Germany

2010- 2012 Laboratory technician at University Medical Centre Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE), Hamburg, Germany

2007- 2010 Laboratory technician at Evotec AG, Hamburg, Germany

Research Focus


Rahlff, J. The Virioneuston: A Review on Viral–Bacterial Associations at Air–Water Interfaces. Viruses 2019, 11, 191.

Rahlff, J., Stolle, C., Giebel, H.-A., Ribas-Ribas, M., Damgaard L.R. & Wurl, O. (2019). Oxygen profiles across the sea-surface microlayer – effects of diffusion and biological activity. Frontiers in Marine Science, 6, 11. doi: 10.3389/fmars.2019.00011

Ribas-Ribas, M., Helleis, F., Rahlff, J. & Wurl, O. (2018). Air-sea CO2-exchange in a large annular wind-wave tank and the effects of surfactants. Frontiers in Marine Science, 5, 457. doi: 10.3389/fmars.2018.00457

Rahlff, J., Ribas-Ribas, M., Brown, S.M., Mustaffa, N.I.H., Renz, J., Peck, M.A., Bird, K., Cunliffe, M., Melkonian, K., and Zappa, C.J. (2018). Blue pigmentation of neustonic copepods benefits exploitation of a prey-rich niche at the air-sea boundary. Sci Rep 8, 11510, doi: 10.1038/s41598-018-29869-7

Rahlff, J., Stolle, C. & Wurl, O. (2017) SISI: A New Device for In Situ Incubations at the Ocean Surface. Journal of Marine Science and Engineering, 5(4), 46, doi: 10.3390/jmse5040046

Ribas-Ribas, M., Mustaffa, N. I. H., Rahlff, J., Stolle, C. & Wurl, O. (2017) Sea Surface Scanner (S3): A Catamaran for High-resolution Measurements of Biogeochemical Properties of the Sea Surface Microlayer. Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, 34, 1433-48, doi: 10.1175/jtech-d-17-0017.1

Rahlff, J., Stolle, C., Giebel, H.A., Brinkhoff, T., Ribas-Ribas, M., Hodapp, D. & Wurl, O. (2017). High wind speeds prevent formation of a distinct bacterioneuston community in the sea-surface microlayer. FEMS Microbiology Ecology 93(5), doi: 10.1093/femsec/fix041

Kebede, B., Wrigley, S. K., Prashar, A., Rahlff, J., Wolf, M., Reinshagen, J., Gribbon P., Imhoff J.F, Silber J., Labes A. & Ellinger, B. (2017). Establishing the Secondary Metabolite Profile of the Marine Fungus: Tolypocladium geodes sp. MF458 and Subsequent Optimisation of Bioactive Secondary Metabolite Production. Marine Drugs, 15(4), 84, doi: 10.3390/md15040084

Rahlff, J., Peters, J., Moyano, M., Pless, O., Claussen, C., & Peck, M. A. (2017). Short-term molecular and physiological responses to heat stress in neritic copepods Acartia tonsa and Eurytemora affinis. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part A: Molecular & Integrative Physiology, 203, 348-358, doi: 10.1016/j.cbpa.2016.11.001

Rahlff, J., Trusch, M., Haag, F., Bacher, U., Horst, A., Schlüter, H., & Binder, M. (2012). Antigen-specificity of oligoclonal abnormal protein bands in multiple myeloma after allogeneic stem cell transplantation. Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy, 61(10), 1639-1651, doi: 10.1007/s00262-012-1220-x

Trepel, M., Martens, V., Doll, C., Rahlff, J., Gösch, B., Loges, S., & Binder, M. (2012). Phenotypic detection of clonotypic B cells in multiple myeloma by specific immunoglobulin ligands reveals their rarity in multiple myeloma. PLoS One, 7(2), e31998, doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0031998


Conference presentations (first author)

2018 ISME17 - 17th International Symposium on Microbial Ecology, Leipzig, Germany (pitch talk & poster)

2018 VAAM annual conference – Association of General and Applied Microbiology, Wolfsburg, Germany (talk)

2016 YOUMARES 7, Hamburg, Germany (talk)

2016 ISME16 - 16th International Symposium on Microbial Ecology, Montreal, Canada (poster)

2016 VAAM annual conference – Association of General and Applied Microbiology, Jena, Germany (talk)

2015 SOLAS Open Science Conference; Kiel, Germany (poster) 

2014 Stress auf allen Ebenen; Hamburg, Germany (poster)

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