Growth media - Central Collection of Algal Cultures (CCAC)

Culture Medium ASP-12 (modified)

J. McLachlan: Growth media – marine. In: Handbook of Phycological Methods, Culture Methods and Growth Measurements; ed.: Janet R. Stein; pp. 25 – 52; modified according to McFadden, G.I., Melkonian, M. (1986): Use of Hepes buffer for microalgal culture media and fixation for electron microscopy. Phycologia 25, 551-557.

Preparation of Soil Extract

10g of garden-soil is mixed with 120 ml dH2O and boiled for 10 minutes. Afterwards it is centrifuged for 10 minutes (low speed), and the supernatant is filtered through a series of membrane filters from 1.2 µm – 0.1 µm pore size. The remaining filtrate is adjusted to 100 ml with dH2O. Aliquots of 10 ml are stored frozen.

The soil should not be recently fertilized and should not contain too much humus.

Preparation of Culture Solution

Dissolve chemicals and stock solutions as indicated above and make up to 1000 ml of dH2O. Adjust pH to 7.9 with NaOH and autoclave.

* Titriplex I - Nitrilotriacetic acid - C6H9NO6

Growth Conditions

If not otherwise stated, growth temperature is +/- 15oC; light-dark-regime 14:10 h; light-intensity 5-15 µmol photons /m2/sec. Media are made up to 1 litre with dH2O or filtered seawater, as indicated.

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