CableCon2014 - Global Young Delegates

IFToMM will provide support for two young scientists within the Young Delegates Program.

Thanks to this offer, the organizers invite young scientists to apply for this assistance.

"The purpose of the Young Delegates Program (YDP) is to provide assistance to young scientists and engineers so that they may participate in IFToMM technical conferences. Up to fifty percent of the total cost of registration fees, transportation, board and lodging is available, subject to a maximum of US$800, to participants who are not fully supported by their own institutions. In order to be eligible for support, young scientists and engineers must normally be less than 36 years of age in the year of the conference, be in a country of the national or territorial organizations that are IFToMM members, and be engaged on work in the field of Machines and Mechanisms." (Citation from the IFToMM web page on December 4th, 2013).

Please visit this link to get more information on the application procedure!

A form (MS Word document) for the application is provided here!