CableCon2014 - Program

CableCon2014 is over!

The conference proceedings are available at Springer:
Cable-Driven Parallel Robots
Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Cable-Driven Parallel Robots
Series: Mechanisms and Machine Science, Vol. 32
Pott, Andreas, Bruckmann, Tobias (Eds.)
2015, XI, 324 p. 162 illus., 135 illus. in color.

Download the final program here!

Program of Second International Conference on Cable-Driven Parallel Robots (CableCon2014)

Sunday, August 24

19:00h – 21:00h Welcome Reception

Monday, August 25

08:45h – 09:20h Registration

09:20h – 09:40h Opening & Welcome by the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering

09:40h – 10:40h Technical Session: Modeling (1)

  • Jean-Pierre Merlet: The Forward Kinematics of Cable-Driven Parallel Robots with Sagging Cables
  • Philipp Miermeister, Werner Kraus, Tian Lan, Andreas Pott: An Elastic Cable Model for Cable-Driven Parallel Robots Including Hysteresis Effects
  • Dinh Quan Nguyen, Marc Gouttefarde: On the Improvement of Cable Collision Detection Algorithms

10:40h – 11:10h Coffee Break

11:10h – 12:10h  Technical Session: Modeling (2)

  • Alessandro Berti, Jean-Pierre Merlet, Marco Carricato: Workspace Analysis of Redundant Cable-Suspended Parallel Robots
  • Hui Li: On the Static Stiffness of Incompletely Restrained Cable-Driven Robot
  • Micael Michelin, Cédric Baradat, Dinh Quan Nguyen, Marc Gouttefarde: Simulation and Control with XDE and Matlab/Simulink of a Cable-Driven Parallel Robot (CoGiRo)

12:10h – 14:20h  Lunch (at inHaus2)

14:20h – 15:00h Technical Session: Application (1)

  • Lorenzo Gagliardini, Stéphane Caro, Marc Gouttefarde, Philippe Wenger, Alexis Girin: A Reconfigurable Cable-Driven Parallel Robot for Sandblasting and Painting of Large Structures
  • Ana Lucia Cruz Ruiz, Stéphane Caro, Philippe Cardou, François Guay: ARACHNIS: Analysis of Robots Actuated by Cables with Handy and Neat Interface Software

15:00h – 15:30h  Coffee Break

15:30h – 16:30h Technical Session: Accuracy

  • Valentin Schmidt, Werner Kraus, Andreas Pott: Presentation of Experimental Results on Stability of a 3 DOF 4-Cable-Driven Parallel Robot without Constraints
  • Clément Gosselin, Simon Foucault: Experimental Determination of the Accuracy of a Three-DOF Cable-Suspended Parallel Robot Performing Dynamic Trajectories
  • Dragoljub Surdilovic, Jelena Radojicic, Nick Bremer: Efficient Calibration of Cable-Driven Parallel Robots with Variable Structure

16:45h – 23:00h Social Program

Tuesday, August 26

09:00h – 09:20h  Welcome

09:20h – 10:20h  Technical Session: Control (1)

  • Christopher Reichert, Katharina Müller, Tobias Bruckmann: Robust Internal Force-based Impedance Control for Cable-driven Parallel Robots
  • Reza Babaghasabha, Mohammad A. Khosravi, Hamid D. Taghirad: Adaptive Control of KNTU Planar Cable-Driven Parallel Robot with Uncertainties in Dynamic and Kinematic Parameters
  • Mohammad A. Khosravi, Hamid D. Taghirad: Dynamic Analysis and Control of Fully-Constrained Cable Robots‎ ‎with Elastic Cables‎: ‎Variable Stiffness Formulation

10:20h – 10:50h  Coffee Break

10:50h – 12:10h Technical Session: Control (2)

  • Gamal El-Ghazaly, Marc Gouttefarde: Adaptive Terminal Sliding Mode Control of a Redundantly-Actuated Cable-Driven Parallel Manipulator: CoGiRo
  • Werner Kraus, Alexander Mangold, Wei Yang Ho, Andreas Pott: Haptic Interaction with a Cable-Driven Parallel Robot using Admittance Control
  • Ryad Chellal, Loïc Cuvillon, Edouard Laroche: A Kinematic Vision-Based Position Control of a 6-DoF Cable-Driven Parallel Robot
  • Katharina Müller, Christopher Reichert, Tobias Bruckmann: Analysis of a Real-Time Capable Cable Force Computation Method

12:10h – 14:00h  Lunch (at inHaus2)

14:00h – 15:00h  Lab Tour: Cable-Driven Parallel Robots; Simulators

15:00h – 15:30h  Coffee Break

15:30h – 16:10h Technical Session: Control (3)

  • Saeed Abdolshah, Giulio Rosati: First Experimental Testing of a Dynamic Minimum Tension Control (DMTC) for Cable Driven Robots
  • Amber Emmens, Stefan Spanjer, Just Herder: Modeling and Control of a Large-span Redundant Surface Constrained Cable Robot with a Vision Sensor on the Platform

16:10h – 16:50h Technical Session: Application (2)

  • Darwin Lau, Jonathan Eden, Saman Halgamuge, Denny Oetomo: Cable Function Analysis for the Musculoskeletal Static Workspace of a Human Shoulder
  • XueJun Jin, Dae Ik Jun, Xuemei Jin, Jeong-an Seon, Andreas Pott, Sukho Park, Seong Young Ko, Jong-Oh Park: An Upper Limb Rehabilitation Using a Planar Cable-driven Parallel Robot with Various Rehabilitation Strategies

17:00h – 22:00h Social Program

Wednesday, August 27

09:00h – 10:00h  Networking Opportunities

10:00h – 10:30h  Coffee Break

10:30h – 11:30h  Guided Tour through inHaus2 (Research Center for Intelligent Room and Building Systems)